Building Strategies

Wrong building sequence often determines the outcome of the game. I described the best one below.
This plan works quite well on Easy and Normal difficulties, otherways it may take longer to complete.

(Day 1) Town Hall (gives 500 extra gold per day)
Capture wood and ore mines as soon as you can, wood is the first priority for this building strategy.
(Day 2) Mage Guild (spellbooks to heroes; required for City Hall)
(Day 3) Blacksmith (First Aid Tent is useful in the beginning, but don't buy Ammo Carts; required for City Hall)
(Day 4) Marketplace (has no use in the begining; required for City Hall)
(Day 5) City Hall (gives 1000 extra gold per day)
(Day 6) Citadel (extra town defence; +50% population; required for Capitol)
(Day 7) You'll have to decide here: either build a Castle (extra town defence; +50% population; required for Capitol)
or build another Creature Dwelling (to have something to recruit next week)
(Week 2) Build Castle if you haven't, then save money and build Capitol as soon as you can.
Now you have an income of 4000 gold per day, 200% population growth and castle walls with 3 arrow towers!
Once you have the Capitol, have your town well defended, you don't want to face your walls nor spend 10000g on Capitol again!
(Capitol is destroyed if the town has been captured by an enemy who already has a capitol).
Next thing to do is to build all Creature Dwellings as soon as possible.
Build the most important ones first and don't upgrade until you've got all 7 creature dwellings!
The reason is to have the highest number of creatures possible.
Another important building on Week 3 is the resource silo, the sooner you build it, the more resources you'll get.
If your town is rampart, think about Mystic Pond and Treasury around Week 3.
Before upgrading Creature Dwellings, build all the special structures which
increase population of particular dwellings (ex. Cages or Griffin Bastion or Mess Hall).
Okay, now you're ready to kick some butt! Build/upgrade the rest of structures as you please.

If the enemy is near, or big army early on is crucial to winning the game, build creature dwellings and recruit your army instead of building a Capitol, this way you will have an army advantage, but don't forget to build Capitol on Week 3 or 4, otherways you won't have enough money to buy the troops.

Feel free to print for personal use. Printed from Age of Heroes (