Heroes of Might and Magic III Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press [Tab] and type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Effect Code
All buildings in castlenwconlyamodel
Instant failurenwcsirrobin
Instant winnwctrojanrabbit
Extra 35 Archangelnwcavertingoureyes
Hero gains Tent, Ballista and Ammonwcantioch
Hero gains Death Knightsnwcfleshwound
Brighter colorsnwcphisherprice
Level up for heronwcigotbetter
Maximum luck for heronwccastleanthrax
Unlimited move points for heronwccoconuts
Maximum morale for heronwcmuchrejoicing
Full secret item mapnwcalreadygotone
Full mapnwcgeneraldirection
All sources increasednwcshrubbery
All magic and 999 spell pointsnwctim

Hint: Get units for free without waiting:
This trick requires the amount of gold needed, your favorite hero, and units. First, go to the tavern and choose a hero. You will notice the units below it. Garrison them and go to battle. Retreat and return to the castle. You will notice your hero is there. Hire the hero back, and you will again notice the units that you started with. Garrison them again. This trick can be done as many times as needed. Note: Upgrading them is an option, but gold and the corrected castle is needed to do that.
Information in this section was contributed by Brad Pitt.